Fast API Binance

Fast API Binance-Trad3s
Binance has partnered with us to launch the Fast API feature to better serve you as Trad3s users. This is how we better fulfill our Broker Partner Ship.
How does Fast API work?
Fast API Explained
How do you activate the quick API feature?
Start by logging into Binance and going to API management. Make sure your screen there looks like the screen below:
The box at the bottom MUST NOT be checked! And all existing APIs with Trad3s must be removed! Then you can go to the next step. Log in to Trad3s and go to settings, Exchange connections. At the top right of your screen, click ADD to add a new API link. Then click on Automatic Binance
You will see the usual login screens of Binance! Go through the procedure of logging in as usual until you get this screen:
Click Continue there, and your account is all set and linked, with no more things for you to copy. The API is given the name Binance Fast API. Your inactive API connections from Binance are automatically replaced with new ones, so your trader keeps running smoothly.
Everything to make it easy for you!
Please note:
  • If you cannot pass the security audit, you won’t be able to use the Fast API function.
  • Each Binance account can only connect to one platform via the Fast API. Whenever connected to Trad3s, it's not possible to attach another platform.